Mobile App for Hearing requests, Scoring Enquiries and much more

File your request on-line!

Since 2021 we have been using a mobile App for logging hearing requests (protests) and results enquiries, alongside the traditional paper forms. This has been positively received by both competitors and race officials. It allows hearing requests and other enquiries to be presented to the OA without the need to go to the Race Office or Reception. It also allows notices to competitors to be delivered promptly and helps speed up the processing of results.

This is a well-respected system that is widely used in Regattas around the world. The App is called RacingRulesofSailing .org (but note that is not affiliated with World Sailing).  The system is also available via a browser at

Getting started.

Search for  in App Store or Google Play and download to your phone. When you open the App, you will need to agree to receive notifications.  

Next click on “Select an Event”, scroll down and select  “Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta 2024”.  

Now hit the menu button (top left) for links to useful pages, and for action buttons to request a hearing (protest), lodge a scoring inquiry, or other options.  Under “Overview” you can add Competitors (including yourself) for whom you want to receive notifications.

Note that you won’t be able to see any late entrants after you selected the event – you need to unfollow the event, then select it again to see them.

Submitting an Inquiry

When you submit an inquiry, you will get an email acknowledgement.  You will also see it in the list of inquiries (you may have to drag down to refresh the list, or close and restart the App if it hasn’t appeared).  You will receive further emails to keep you updated with the progress of your inquiry or hearing.

To submit a further inquiry, you may have to close and re-open the app.

Note that you don’t need to be signed in to submit a hearing request (protest) or submit an enquiry.